Real Name Evil


Aliases Amatsu Mobashi

2nd Darkness Child
3rd Darkness
Pure Monster
Deity Eater
Deity Supreme
Power Monster

Gender Variable
Race Darkness
Age 8,000,000,000
Personal Information
Birthday Before Birthdays Existence
Height Variable
Weight Variable
Blood Type N/A
Alignment Evil
Affiliation Hell
Relationship Status None
Sexual Orientation Straight
Relatives Primordial Beast (Creator)

Ardat Lili (Sex Buddy)
Lilith (Ardat sister)
Envy (Son)
Wrath (Son)
Lust (Daughter)
Gluttony (Son)
Pride (Daughter)
Sloth (Son)
Greed (Daughter)

Education nigh-omniscience
Origin Nothingness
Combat Information
Power(s) Evil Manipulation
Primary Weapon Teeth & Claws
Secondary Weapon Tendrils


Before existence  .As the entire embodiment of pure and utter evil created from the sin created by gods evil half he is and what is evil his reign for near billions of years even after god created heaven. He once was a being who could do anything til Lucifer Morningstar faced and beat him in battle for his disrespect toward his father 

Ancient TimesEdit


Among the time Evil played though time just as Lucifer did he was once a Egyptian God and he been around longer than most cultures. Since roughly 5500 B.C. the people of Northeastern Africa have held the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses as protectors, guides, and heavenly beings. Similar to the gods and goddesses of other regions, the Egyptian deities cover nearly all aspects of ancient life while their myths cover everything from creation to the afterlife but Evil. Was a darken force calling the other deities weak compared to his power he was known as many egyptian god's like Aker a deity who can go and come from the underworld or Weneg A sky and death god who could be invoked via a spell via the Pyramid texts even the god Set who represented all evil and chaos among his. Deity he was the most powerful even above the false god Thoth in which Evil consumed him and many gods as he absorbed there abilities and there appearance he later stopped being a false deity and moved to greek gods.

Greek Edit

After being a Egyptian deities he went into the time of Rome and Greece where zeus and his incestive family had lived for a near 200 years he started to take out these weak false immortals eating them one by one and causing major disasters. To happen as the gods kept the balance of greece and rome alone his final victim was Zeus and hades as he swallowed them he gained there abilities as well.

Japanese Edit

Also known as the infamous deity Amatsu Mikaboshi also known to be the eviliest deity in the japanese mythology able to not just eat these many ageless gods but absorb there many abilties lucky a dozen of these deities are powerful enough to stop him but for a short period of time by using a kind of heavenly magic.



  • Primordial Beast (Creator): As his creator evil shows high levels of respects for his creator as he can literally erase him from existence itself there current relationship is stabled.
  • Ardat Lili (Sex Buddy):
  • Lilith (Ardat sister):
  • Envy (Son):
  • Wrath (Son):
  • Lust (Daughter):
  • Gluttony (Son):
  • Pride (Daughter):
  • Sloth (Son):
  • Greed (Daughter):

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Evil Consumption:

Deity Eatten:

Size Manipulation:

Evil Manipulation:


Shape Shifting:

Shadow Copy:

Absolute Immortality: